About  Us

A message from Kettle Steam Founder, Nadia Pandes


Kettle Steam grew from great memories made with loved ones at gatherings and celebrations.  There is nothing that gives us

more energy than planning a party and working to make all the pieces come together for a result that is beautiful, interesting,

and most of all fun for all attending.  We believe it is the heart that goes into a celebration that sets the tone and brings warmth

and happiness to all those involved.  While we are often humble, we have to admit that we believe that every guest that comes to

one of our events feels welcomed, appreciated, and has a fabulous time!  This is quite satisfying and is the reason why we choose

this career in Wedding and Event Consulting.


Kettle Steam is rooted in values instilled by my grandmother, Rose Iaquinta, who was gracious, loving, and had a charming

sense of humor.  Every guest arriving at our home was treated to a steaming cup of tea topped with fresh mint from her garden. 

In fact, tea was a way of life for us.  It was what we drank when we were sick or on a cool day to warm our bellies.  It was a

precious ritual that I never have forgotten.   Rose was a hard working woman who immigrated to the United States from Italy

in the 1930s.  Her spirit lives in us with every event that we coordinate.



More about Nadia:


Nadia studied marketing and supply chain management at the University of San Diego.  She continued her education at USD to complete her MBA in 2001.  She has built strong and lasting relationships in the San Diego area throughout her career and work

in the community.  Nadia has given numerous hours to local elementary schools for events and fundraising efforts.  Her

attention to detail is a great strength.  She is currently a Board Member for the University of San Diego Alumni Board with

her efforts focused on philanthropy for the university.